Fitness, Fashion & Beauty

The National Fitness Federation is a fitness & fashion show based around performance and functionality; also offering the industry standard of bikini rounds, but adding a touch of Moulin Rouge showgirl elegance to the stage.

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World Championships 2016

Entry for the MGU World Championships to be held at the Little Theatre, Leicester on 5th November 2016 is now open!

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The Show

The National Fitness Federation promotes both health and beauty and is consistently the most beautiful show in the industry.

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Bikini Diva

Who is it for?

Bikini Divas should have some muscle definition teamed with low body fat, and tight abdominals are a must. Divas are usually a size 6-8.
Bikini Diva (open) and Bikini Diva 35 and over. Divas 35 and over can enter both classes. All girls can add other classes


Divas will be judged on their stage presentation, their toned physique showing some definition, their overall appearance, hair, nails, skin and their confidence.