Beauty & Fitness for women, by women

Miss Galaxy Universe is an all female fitness show based around performance and functionality; also offering the industry standard of bikini rounds, but adding a touch of Moulin Rouge showgirl elegance to the stage.

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The Show

Miss Galaxy Universe stands alone as the first female only fitness and beauty pageant in Europe and is consistently the most beautiful show in the industry.

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British Championships 2016

Tickets for the Miss Galaxy Universe British Championships at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley on 21st May 2016 are AVAILABLE NOW!

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Are YOU the next British Champion?

Miss Galaxy Universe is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness at the May 2016 British Championships.

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Bikini Diva

Who is it for?

Galaxy Divas should not carry muscle definition, but they should have an hour-glass figure, low body fat with tight abdominals. If you remember the old school James Bond girls such as Bo Derek and Ursula Andress, this is what Galaxy Divas look like. It is a sought after body type, curvaceous and strong, yet feminine to the end.

Bikini Diva (open) and Bikini Diva 35 and over. Divas 35 and over can enter both classes. All girls can add other classes


Divas will be judged on their femininity, their grace and physique, their overall appearance, hair, nails, skin and body firmness, proportion and stage presentation.